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Lorraine Your Counsellor

About Us

Psychology goes hand in hand with dream therapy.

We work within a ethical framework, developing a therapeutic relationship.

Over time the psyche can heal naturally when looking at symbols, emotions, patterns etc that present themselves through dreams.

The unfolding of the unconsciousness in a safe, confidential way and at a deeper level, not only, adds relief to the soul, but can, in many cases unleash another level of potential.

We at Lucid Dreamers Reality have worked within health and social care for many years.

Some have nursing backgrounds, some trained with professionals and are members of I.C.H.M, B.H.M.A, and M.A.S.C. We pride ourselves in being up to date with natural remedies.

As integrative therapists natural remedies play a large part of what we do. We take it back to basics and back to self. We are professionals and you will receive a copy of the completed sessions you have undertaken for your personal journey and records.

Therapy can be long term, goal focused, solution based, or simply "I've got a question, can you help me unpack it?"